Greetings!  This is the official website of Take It For Granted, a company that offers a variety of support to new and established nonprofit organizations. Take It For Granted will provide the comprehensive guidance you need to be successful in the nonprofit world of charity and public service.  Here, you will be introduced to the resources you will need to 1) create a charitable 501(c)3 organization with the IRS; 2) Develop an active board of directors that will serve your charitable mission; 3) Design a development-plan for fund-raising; and 4) How to create and forge mutually-beneficial alliances with other nonprofit entities and/or a for-profit partner, even if that profit-generating company belongs to you.

Learn how to avoid Internet grant scams, how to write grant proposals, and how to legitimately receive grants on your own by clicking on the cover-art image below to buy this instructional e-book guide from or take a moment to read the book’s description and the latest book reviews on the Funded & Granted Page.
Thou Shalt Not Lie About Grants: Learning the Craft of Grant-writing

Building your dream one brick at a time.

Building your dream one brick at a time.


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